Lava flow Hawaii

Lava flow Hawaii

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Silver ore Simbabwe

Mineralogical characterization of a silver ore from Simbabwe by Dr. Thomas Hatzl. The main constituents of this silver-rich ore are quartz, limonite, malachite, rosasite, cerrusite, galena, vanadinite (little pink needles in the element mapping SEM foto) and cuprite. This complex mineralogy is typical for oxidation zones and multiphase mineralization stages.

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Hydroisotop and Prof. Morteani investigate the deep thermal water in Meran (North Italy)

Hydroisotop and Prof. Morteani sampled the deep thermal water in the community of Meran on behalf of the geological survey of South Tyrol. The thermal water is now investigated for its hydrogeochemical and isotopic composition at Hydroisotop for the investigation of the genesis and evolution of dissolved constituents and the...

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RawMinTeam visits one of the most modern brick production plants

RawMinTeam visits one of the most modern brick production company "Tonwarenfabrik und Granitwerke Fürstenzell Ferdinand Erbersdobler KG" in Eastern Bavaria near Passau, which is an important consulting customer of Dr. Thomas Hatzl a member of the RawMinTeam.  Florian Erbersdobler and Dr. T.

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International Workshop Trento/Italy "Geologi"

Prof. Morteani will attend as invited speaker the international workshop, which will be hold at the University of Trento, Italy on the 19th of September. He will give a talk in Italian with the title "Problemi idrogeologici nei depositi sotterranei di materiale fortemente radioattivo: esempi svizzeri e finlandesi".

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Quartz, Depoits, Mineralogy and Analytics

The book “Quartz, Depoits, Mineralogy and Analytics", published in 2012 , including a chapter written by Giulio Morteani and Florian Eichinger, belongs to the most downloaded books of Springer in 2013

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