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Experts for the development and private & public equity financing of mineral and water resources.

The Rawmin-Team develops integrated solutions for customers in the resources industry around the globe. The volatility of the markets combined with increasing demands for raw materials requires innovative ideas and new approaches. We have the experience and networks to deliver the full range of solutions, from technical assessment to financing.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Giulio Morteani


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Giulio Morteani

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Giulio Morteani is a long-standing researcher and consultant in the mineral resources field. Apart from consulting a wide range of clients in the mining, engineering. and private equity industries world-wide, Giulio held the chair for Applied Mineralogy and Geochemistry at the Technical University Munich (Germany) for many years.

His research and consulting work encompasses prospection, exploration, exploitation, mineral dressing and chemical/mineralogical analysis of ores worldwide with a focus on base, precious and rare metals including rare earth deposits as well as evaluation of emerald, ruby and sapphire occurrences.

Giulio Morteani holds a diploma in mining engeering and a doctoral degree in geology form the Technical University of Clausthal (Germany), the former Clausthal Mining Academy (Bergakademie Clausthal) .Giulio is member of leading geological and mineralogical societies including the Society of Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits and the Mineralogical Society of America. He is an Italian national and fluent in Italian, German, English, and Spanish . He also has basic working knowledge of French.

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Dr. Florian Eichinger


Dr. Florian Eichinger

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Florian Eichinger is a mineralogist/hydrogeochemist in the RawMinTeam, focusing on the characterisation of ground-, drinking-, mineral- and waste water, environmental contamination and secondary raw materials.

Florian is business manager of Hydroisotop GmbH, a world wide leading laboratory and consulting company specialised in the consulting, analyses and interpretation of isotopes and chemistry in hydrogeology, environment and food.
He has participated in many world wide regional and over regional projects in the field of geothermal energy, assessment of radioactive waste repositories, groundwater exploration and exploitation, gas exploration, etc..

Florian is a German national and holds a Diploma degree in mineralogy and geochemistry from the Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg (Germany) and a PhD in geoscience from the University of Bern (Switzerland).

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Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Hatzl


Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Hatzl

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Thomas is a geologist in the RawMin-Team, focusing on the characterization of geochemistry and mineralogy of hard rocks (host rocks and ores) and clay deposits. His major experiences are in the support of the brick and tile industry and in the field of rare earth element and gold deposits.
Thomas, after finishing his theses about a rare earth element occurrence in central Turkey at the Technical University in Munich, founded a start up company Geoact GmbH in 1992. From 1996 Thomas worked as a consultant on his own dealing with clay deposits in Europe from prospecting, exploration up to development support in questions of optimation of preparation plants, furnace modulations and product lines oft he brick and tile industry. He is also installed as an amicus curiae for legal proceedings by the chamber of industry and commerce (Munich and Upper Bavaria).
Further projects of his consultancy have been in the work fields of high purity quartz in Saudi Arabia, rare earth element deposit in Madagascar and Nb-Ta-project in Nigeria.
During his research fellowship at the Technical University he had the opportunity to be a part of investigations of international gold projects in China, Sudan and Turkey as well as rare earth element and platinum projects in Turkey.
Thomas is a German national and holds a Diploma in Geology and a PhD in geoscience from Technical University Munich-Germany.

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CM-Equity AG


CM-Equity AG

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CM-Equity AG was founded in 2002 by the CEO Michael Kott. Today CM-Equity is a fully regulated independent Investment Boutique based in Munich with focus on Asset Management and Corporate Finance.
Our team of 15 specialists is committed to creating value for our customers. In the Corporate Finance Business, we give our clients access to international capital pools through our extensive global network, especially in Europe and Asia. As fully regulated financial institute and with more than 10 years experience in the financings, CM-Equity offers its corporate clients a wide range of financial services and consulting. In 2013 CM-Equity started the CM-Equity Global Natural Resources Index which includes 60 companies from the business fields precious metals, industrial metals, energy, agriculture and rare earth. All development stages are included: Exploration, Development, Junior Production, Senior Production. For more information please click here.

Our company’s success is defined by your personal success. You are more than just our client - you are our partner.

We aim to offer best-in-class advice on the implementation and financing of raw materials projects.

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Our competence results from many years of successful consultancy in many raw material projects in a market of high volatility demanding flexibility, innovative ideas and new approaches. Our in-house competence and our national and international business relations guaranties highest quality standards at every stage of the raw material product chain.

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We are convinced that long-term economic success can only be achieved through sustainable operation that include e. g. the timely start of exploration and prospection in order to find ore deposits that are suitable to replace that under exhaustion, the reclamation of mine areas and the development of on-site social projects.

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For us reliability to our partners is based in the truth of knowledge. This means that all parties involved in a project will get clear and valid consultancy and information in an appropriate time period about all parameters necessary for the important decisions from starting a project through all process steps. We are trained and used to be focused on a defined subject and to be in a flexible modus for our customers, too.

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In the raw material world of generally high risks one of our most important items is the safety thinking in a lot of different ways. Safety of the information and data, safety for environmental and social values and last but not least safety of capital and financial resources of our clients are always in our mind.

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The projects in our working areas, besides the competence and financial core aspects, will be charged with keen eyes on the principles of the United Nations specifications, protection of environment and respecting human rights. Profits and win-win situations can be achieved by global rules and standards only.

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With our offered holistic concepts regarding mining and raw material projects we attempt to gain confidence with respect to environmental fears and give our best to realise sustainable projects. The gain of confidence between all participants in projects is one of the main subjects, which are responsible for the success of those. The creation and care of confidence is an important part in the projects accompanied by us.

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A corporate relationship between all partners is a prerequisite for the success of a project. With our social competence demonstrated in many integrative projects, we are the link between individual partners and hence the guarantee for a good partnership between all involved participants.

Our Services
Our services draw on our qualified personnel and access to state-of-the art equipment in Bavaria/Germany. Cooperation partners of national and international private and state-owned labs and research institutes further extend our capabilities.
Our Expertise results from the management and execution of prospection, exploration and mine development projects worldwide, up to ore characterization, mineral processing and project targeted optimized private equity financing.
Our history of activities includes precious metals, rare earth elements, niobium, tantalum. tungsten, base metals, precious stones and industrial minerals. The development and management of water resources including high enthalpy thermal fluids and reclamation of contaminated aquifers is an important extension in our portfolio.

Worldwide Experience
Our consulting is based on a worldwide experience in prospection and evaluation of primary raw material occurrences.
The main project areas are given in the maps below:

pointer black  = Rocks and minerals
pointer blue  = Water
pointer yellow  = Environment
pointer orange  = Recycling






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